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Over 450 Women Entrepreneurs have completed one of eight cycles of Going for Growth that have been running since 2008. The feedback from both Lead's and participants has been very positive. Below are some examples of their views.

Aisling Hurley Teamwoodcraft

The programme turned out to be exactly what I had expected and hoped for. I launched a new product because of it and increased my turnover by 100% for the year because I had such great support. Nothing said ever went outside the four walls, so it was a truly honest and enlightening experience. My only regret is that my time has now passed – how I would love to be anxiously awaiting the next meeting to receive and give advice, share experiences and know that the information being passed around was given with goodwill. I have made great friends from the experience. We still keep in touch and help each other out.

Aldagh McDonogh Alternatives Marketing

A very useful programme and a great opportunity to learn from other people’s business experiences. The myriad of owner managers’ business journeys had many valuable lessons on which to draw. This programme gives you a real reason to get out of the trenches of your business and to reflect on where you’re at, where you want to get to and even some input into how you might go about it. The mix of businesses brought fresh perspectives and all participants were keen to share their lessons learnt and to ask those burning questions in a safe and confidential environment. I can highly recommend it.

Alice Lucey Be Independent Home Care

Being involved in Going for Growth has been incredibly useful and inspirational. Taking part in the programme has really focused our attention on our strategy for growth. It gave me an opportunity to look at where our company was going and how we were going to get there. Most importantly it taught me the importance of having fun and really enjoy what I am doing and ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.'

Alison Ritchie Polar Ice

Taking part in Going for Growth has really focused our attention on our strategy for growth. Only three months into the programme, we had created one new full time job, expanded our operations into Cork and were actively growing our market share on a weekly basis. Six months on, at the end of the programme, we have created a second new full time position, dedicated to the marketing and growth of our business. I would highly recommend the Going for Growth programme, it is an excellent opportunity to work ‘on your business’ in an inspirations, high energy and supportive environment.

Ann Dunne White Gables Restaurant

Being involved with Going for Growth has been highly inspirational. It gives you the chance to meet real women who are active in their own businesses and are willing to share their wealth of knowledge. The Going for Growth team should be extremely proud of what they do!

Angela Garvey AG Associates

Going for Growth was an amazing and invaluable experience for me and my business which I would highly recommend! All the sessions were laid out in a very clear way and covered all aspects of developing your business. There was a very clear focus on how to bring your business to the next level with the session topics fitting in very well to developing your strengths and in achieving an effective plan of action for growth. It was fantastic to have a wonderful mentor and to meet other participants who were a great inspiration to me in what they had achieved. I now have clear steps in place to grow my business and will remain part of the Community, who are a great source of motivation. I would not hesitate in recommending this for all women entrepreneurs!

Ann Jevens Smallwares Ltd

I participated in the Going for Growth in 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Going for Growth provides an ideal platform for women in business wishing to expand their business to bring it to the next level. While the type of businesses represented by the participants varied enormously, the focus, drive and initiative was clearly evident across the sectors, creating a lot of common ground for practical and open discussions while also giving opportunities to exchange experiences. I was delighted that through this event, we were also able to find additional customers and suppliers. The Going for Growth programme is an excellent course and a wonderful resource for women in business. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Ann McGee McGee Pharma International

When you are the Managing Director of an SME, you can feel isolated. Going for Growth has been a great opportunity for me to look at where I want my company to be. It allows me to step back from the day-to-day running in order to focus on growing the business. Going for Growth allows you to do some forward thinking, by sharing your experiences and challenges with the other participants in your group.

Ann O'Donnell Denticloud Ltd

I come from a professional background which allowed me a confidence borne from my skills and knowledge, but moving from my comfort zone to a business setting requires a different skillset. Going for Growth helped me hone those skills and gave me the required confidence. I enjoyed the sessions so much and really feel I have grown as well as learning how to grow the business

Anna Costello Utopia Health & Beauty Clinic

Going for Growth has shaped my future. It has given me the support and the freedom of mind to think beyond my own present limitations, to believe I can achieve so much more. The possibilities are endless. Already it has made such a difference.

Anna Gunning The Laser and Skin Clinic

Going for Growth was a fantastic opportunity to meet successful women in business and discuss daily challenges with their individual businesses and work out solutions to best run and succeed in a difficult economic climate.

Anne Butterly Easydry

Going for Growth proved to be a valuable support network for me. As participants, we all have similar problems in our businesses. The roundtables provided the foundation to share our issues. Our Lead motivated and guided us as we advised and discussed possible solutions.

Anne Cusack Critical Healthcare

I had a reasonably healthy, life-style business in a difficult market in which I felt we had achieved our potential. We were holding steady at about 10% growth in the Irish market and employed a team of 8-10 people.  Since partaking in Going for Growth, I have not only learned and grown personally, but the business is growing at over 50% annually, we are exporting, are employing 18 people with capacity for more, and are investing significantly in R&D this year.

Anne Hannan SortMyBooks

We received the information about Going for Growth through Donncha Hughes who runs the LEAP programme in LIT. I attended on the basis that ‘all networking is worthwhile’. Thank God I did! My sister Aileen and I had been in business for 7 years and we were definitely at a cross-roads. We were at the point where we were finally making a decent living and could easily have stayed at that level. We had a number of ideas for how to go forward; so many that I was in fact stuck. I find that with most entrepreneurs – we don’t lack ideas, we suffer from having too many – so sometimes selecting the right path can be the hardest. Since the end of the programme we’ve gone from having 1 employee besides ourselves to having 3. We’ve moved into new offices, we’ve got BES approval to raise finance and in September we started our development project for a new online version of SortMyBooks. This is just the start of our growth phase. It is onwards and upwards from here on! If you get a chance to go on this programme, grab it!

Anne Heraty CPL Resources PLC & Going for Growth Advisor

Going for Growth is an excellent initiative which gives real value to those who participate in it. It works best when the participants are open with each other and a circle of trust develops around the table. I have seen definite progress among the participants in my group in clarifying and taking steps to achieve their growth goals. I have been delighted to share my experiences with the other women entrepreneurs as I have also developed new insights from the focused discussions. I would like to complement Enterprise Ireland for their foresight in supporting Going for Growth, which is highly relevant to the needs of ambitious owner managers. I am delighted to have been associated with Going for Growth from its inception and intend to continue to support Paula Fitzsimons and her team as they further implement this excellent initiative.

Anne McNicholas Beverly Hills Boutique

I would highly recommend participation in Going for Growth to anyone who is currently in business and looking to enhance their business. The round table discussions allow for practical, open discussions between like minded people who are all facing similar problems/ situations and the confidentiality means you can discuss specifics about your business without worry. The course is focused and practical, using a step by step method to apply to the goals that you set out at the start. I found it gave me increased confidence to implement decisions in my business and helped me clearly focus on what I wanted to achieve and how to reach the goals I set.


Anne Reilly Paycheck Plus

My participation in Going for Growth has resulted in tangible benefits for my business. I have exceeded all the goals that I set for myself at the outset – having won many new clients, implemented a new CRM system, fine-tuned operational policy and procedures and recruited an experienced business development manager. My ambitions for the business are now more focused on growth and driving the business forward at a greater pace than they were previously.

Any entrepreneur, who is lucky enough to get a place on this programme, should definitely jump at the opportunity!

Anne Roche Roches Hair Solutions Ltd

Going for Growth creates the perfect environment to focus on moving your business forward. Led by a successful entrepreneur who was more than willing to share her invaluable experience and insight to a group of intelligent, creative, innovative and dynamic women who are focused and committed to developing their own businesses – that kind of environment cannot fail to motivate and stimulate me and above all produce real results. The result is that we now offer our complete wig fitting service in ARC Cancer Support Centres in Eccles St and SCR and we have diversified into a related field within the cancer world, having just opened a breast prosthesis fitting service for cancer patients. My vision of having a one stop cancer shop for patients dealing with all the appearance related side effects of treatment has become a reality. And all that planning while on maternity leave!
I found Continuing the Momentum very useful because I run a small company and do not have many senior management to bounce my ideas off so it provides this for me. It also forces me to get all my ideas out of my head and onto paper to organise, structure and prioritise them. To present these ideas along with the overall story of the business to a group of fellow women entrepreneurs for their comments and feedback results in a set of realistic and timed goals and objectives. A strategic plan in effect.

Ann Marie Durkin Shasta Ltd

Going for Growth provides an ideal platform for women in business wishing to expand their business to bring it to the next level. Going for Growth is an excellent programme and a wonderful resource for women in business. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Anne-Marie Mullins Mullins, Cuddihy & Associates

Going for Growth is an excellent programme for women who are interested in taking time out of their very busy schedules to take a breather and examine where they are in their business; are they satisfied with where they are; how would they like to see their business develop and what they need to do to get there. Highly enjoyable, it is a great opportunity to network and be inspired by other women with similar mindsets and objectives to be the best that they can be for their business.

Aoife Porter Bua Marketing

Going for Growth has been of huge measurable benefit to my business. In my six months I have made some big business decisions to realign my clients, recruit an employee and focus on business development. The network the Going for Growth programme provides is of the most dynamic, successful and inspiring Irish business women and this alone can be worth 100% growth to your business, if you approach it the right way. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to take your business to the next level!.

Attracta Burke Premium Distribution

I joined the Going for Growth Program in 2010 and found the group sessions, led by Amanda Pratt, a really useful forum for discussing relevant business issues. It was great to bounce ideas around with other like-mind business people and of course to have access to the expertise of Amanda.

Audrey Hughes Principle HR

Going for Growth is a must for any female entrepreneur out there whether they are seeking morale support, business ideas, a new focus or inspiration to improve their business. The sessions not only help you to focus but also encourage brain storming amongst other likeminded people which can generate really excellent ideas for you to implement within your business. The small sessions mean you get to know the participants and their businesses quite well. I have met some really inspiring business owners through the network who have helped me to regain my focus within the business. As for the Leads, some of Ireland’s most successful business women lead the groups, which is a testament to the power of Going for Growth.

Bernadette Rock WeightWise

The Going for Growth Forum was a great opportunity to learn from other people’s business experiences. The Lead entrepreneur had many valuable lessons on which to draw, which I am now putting into practice. It helped me understand my business better and strengthened my enthusiasm in building my business.

Bernie Carroll Student Programmes Ireland Ltd.

I would recommend Going for Growth for any owner of a business as it gave me great confidence in helping to grow my business, how to go about it and where the help is out there to support me along my journey. A wonderful experience.

Bernie Everard Re-imagine Signage Solutions

I would strongly recommend the Going for Growth programme to every woman serious about growing their business. I found the experiences of other group members and the Lead Entrepreneur invaluable and have learned so much from them.

Bevin Mahon Dentaltech Ltd

I participated in the 5th Cycle of Going for Growth and had the amazing opportunity to discuss my business in a safe, confidential environment with like-minded business women which has helped my company grow. Our expected growth rate has increased as a direct result from participating in Going for Growth and I have become a better leader for my team. I would highly recommend the GFG sessions to anyone who wants to improve as a business owner or grow their company.

Birgitta Hedin-Curtin Burren Smokehouse

I enjoyed the Going for Growth programme and found it invaluable to me in my daily life working my business. It gave me time out to look at my business from a distance and made me more decisive about directions that I needed to take.

Brid Fox Cater Care

Time spent participating in Going for Growth was very beneficial to both myself and my business. The format driven by the experienced mentor helped me to clarify my business, focus on what is good and bad business and put practical steps in place for business retention and growth.I am very happy to recommend the scheme.

Breda Brown Unique Media

I found Going for Growth to be an extremely motivating and rewarding experience. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded business people who are experiencing the same issues as you when it comes to growing a business. Anyone running a business is often too close to the business to see the wood for the trees, so to speak, so the diversity of the business interests around the table meant that each member benefited from some great ‘out of the box’ thinking from the other group members.

The motivating atmosphere among the group was particularly invaluable. It really made you want to ‘go do it’ instead of just ‘thinking about doing it!’

Brenda Crowley CMD Group

I was delighted to take part in the Going for Growth programme and feel that it benefited me hugely in my thinking and my longterm approach to my business. It kept me focused on what was important and the changes that needed to happen in order to reach my objectives. I was very lucky to have an excellent Lead in Susan and also a very open and honest group of participants. I would highly recommend the Going for Growth programme to all female entrepreneurs.

Brenda Jordan Jordan Business

I would highly recommend the programme to business owners seeking to take their business to the next level. I personally found that it challenged my concepts of what I need to do, resulting in a drastic change of business model and service offerings. To date, we have enjoyed a 35% increase in turnover and have increased our team by 2 people. Well worth the time and effort!

Brona Tennyson OES Consulting

I would recommend Going for Growth to any entrepreneur no matter what size your company is or what stage of development you are at. The ability to get such constructive input and advice from the Lead Entrepreneur as well as your peers is invaluable in growing your business and also very refreshing!

Camelia Austen Austen Flowers

I would most definitely recommend the Going for Growth programme. Whether you are an established business woman or a budding entrepreneur, the cycle will give you an insight into your own business and help you focus on future growth while connecting you with other like-minded women.

Carmel Burke Laztech IT

For open and honest collaboration, this is the most effective forum I have ever come across.

Carmel Cregan Q.A Resources

Going for Growth came at the perfect time for QA Resources. The programme gave us the confidence and where with all to implement our ambitious growth strategy, providing invaluable expertise from our mentor and support advice from a great group. Going for Growth was highly recommended to me – now I know why.

Caroline Geoghegan CG Business Consulting

Going for Growth has been instrumental in the growth and success of CGBC in 2013. I achieved all my goals, created one new full time & and one part time position. The programme enabled me to become more focused on the business strategically and how to maintain a work life balance. The environment was energising and proactive with genuine support from other like minded professionals. Our Lead, Miriam Byrne was incredibly insightful and shared her wealth of business experience which was invaluable for all members of the group. I would highly recommend this programme.

Carol Walsh The Green Gecko Ltd

After more than 20 years in business my business was making a small profit and I felt I had reached a plateau ,however, I found it difficult to take the next step upwards. Since commencing Going for Growth not only have I met helpful and inspirational women directors, I have also learned new skills and put a business plan in place. I have secured a loan from the bank to grow my business and recently won two prestigious awards. I am now in a position of greater knowledge, have good support and a sounding board to work with. I have a personal and business growth plan. Since participating in Going for Growth we have employed more people, introduced a new product range, won awards and improved our profit margin. We now have a clear vision for the future.

Caroline Horgan Abbeylands Furniture Ltd.

I had a fantastic experience with Going for Growth. Each of the women in my group were focused on growing their business and embraced the round table sessions with enormous enthusiasm. The structure of the sessions is set out to help assess all aspects of running a business and where you are in the current climate. This greatly helped me assess my business as a whole.

Caroline McEnery HR & Business Solutions

I would highly recommend this programme to motivated individuals who are focused on developing their business to the next level – Going for Growth gives you the spring board to make this happen.

Catherine Ansbro RealView Manufacturing Ltd

I can’t say enough good things about the Going for Growth programme. Discovering how others responded to various possibilities and problems made a broader range of experiences and options available to me and to our company.

Going for Growth gave me more confidence to implement certain staff changes, gave me a stronger foundation for evaluating and choosing among various strategies and helped me identify where and how to focus. It is a great programme and I would highly recommend it to any women entrepreneur focused on growth.

Catherine Sherry Sposami Italian Wedding Planners

Going for Growth is must programme for all women who are serious in bring their businesses to another level. This is the programme if you want to do it for yourself. If you want the support, encouragement and tools to grow your business, then where better to get them but from other successful lead business women? I would highly recommend this programme to any serious business women

Cathy Giles The Crafty Alley Shop

Going for Growth presents the perfect opportunity to meet fellow business women you would not normally have the chance to meet or work with. Going for Growth gives you the opportunity to discuss your business growth plans and issues in a qualified and confidential setting. I believe every business woman who wishes to grow her company would benefit from the programme.

Cathy McGovern Inspiration Marketing

This programme helps you to think outside the box, exit the whirlwind briefly and get a clear external perspective on your business and challenges. The guidance of an experienced Leader and the support of like-minded women creates an extremely useful forum to take stock of your business and consider the future more strategically. I would strongly recommend it to any women trying to grow a business. Like all mentoring programmes, you get out what you put in, so you need to be prepared to fully commit and to make the most of it yourself too. Overall though – it’s a great, practical programme.

Cathy Soraghan Women on the Run

I would recommend anyone who is a sole trader or is in any business partnership to take advantage of these programmes that are funded by the EU and the Government. It is inspiring to listen to other entrepreneurs. It gives you energy.

Cathy Whitty Cathy’s Spelt for Health

I cannot think of any other way that a group of women could come together with an experienced Lead to advise and support their efforts in business, while all being confidential and good fun as well.

Ceara Conway Ceara Conway

Participating in Going for Growth has really assisted me in becoming aware of how I have been working to date and why some of these ways have not worked! Through the monthly sessions with Nikki Evans and the amazing women who each have brought their own valuable experience to the table, I’ve learnt several valuable lessons that will definitely impact the ways in which I work forever.

Ceara McNeela Asgard Industrial Systems Ltd

I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this wonderful group. It has done so much for me and my business. Apart from giving me the time to think about my business it was helped me look at it in a much different light. Since joining the group and as a direct result of the group discussions we have implemented a board of directors, we have submitted an application for an Enterprise Grant, we have been selected for the Enterprise Ireland first flight scheme and now have a mentor. Initially we were only looking to the UK market but as a result of the group and particularly Elaine’s influence of thinking big and looking at market size, we are now looking to bring our product to the European market. Thank you for this super opportunity!

Celestine Rowland Galway Business School

Participation in the Going for Growth programme came at a critical time when our business and all businesses are under huge pressure and there are challenges on all sides. It is one of the most valuable professional experiences of my career. It afforded me the opportunity to look again and for the first time at some of the fundamentals for growing Galway Business School and Galway Cultural Institute. It helped develop our strategy in a number of areas which have reaped benefits – meeting with the team and giving greater responsibilities for success – and rewarding responsibility. It inspired confidence to analyse performance and be able to correct deviations without alienating personnel. There is much to do in many areas still, but I now have new ideas and skills on how to develop our vision, and where we want the business to be in five years time. It has introduced me to the most valuable resource – a network of experts in all areas of business who are only too willing to share. Thank you Paula and to all the Going for Growth team.

Chris Winning Corporate Care Relocation

I got strong encouragement from my Lead Entrepreneur and the group to implement changes to our process that has helped us with our time management and therefore our profitability. My objective was to grow my business outside of the Cork area and we now serve all of Ireland and are well recognised in our industry as being the leading relocation company in Ireland. We won the SFA Outstanding Small Business Award in 2008 and were shortlisted again in 2009. I have no hesitation in recommending Going to Growth to other women entrepreneurs who are focused on growth. I would love to be still a part of it!

Ciara Brandon Ciara Brandon Design

Going for Growth is a fantastic initiative for developing businesses. It lends support in clarifying the strategic vision required for success, and provides the infrastructure for networking with like-minded women, who at the end of the day are all climbing the same hill. I loved being part of the programme and would be thrilled to be considered should a follow-on phase of Going for Growth commence. Thank you so much again Paula for your passion, determination and very hard work!

Ciara Crossan WeddingDates.ie

Going for Growth is one of the best programmes I have been on to date in my business career. The quality of the other female entrepreneurs and of course the Leads is exceptional. Our monthly meetings were always something to look forward to and work towards. They were a challenge, but we all were able to give each other ideas, suggestions and feedback. The support from the group is fantastic and I have made friends and great contacts out of it. It is run extremely well and I would recommend it to any female entrepreneur looking to grow their business and learn from their peers and more seasoned business women.

Ciara Troy Oishii Foods Ltd

Going for Growth is a unique programme in that it supports strong driven women to pursue their business opportunities to the fullest. It is a network of entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their business, an opportunity to share experiences – good and bad; and to learn through interaction with like-minded individuals. I found it extremely beneficial and it focused me to get the most out of the weeks in between sessions. I looked forward to the roundtable sessions to listen to how the other members got on and also to share what I could with them. We don’t have to do it all on our own!

Claire Bannon Indigo Signs Ltd.

This programme has been the best thing that has happened for me and my business. For a long time there was loads I knew I needed to do to make my business grow but Going for Growth got me organised and focused on it! The regular sessions gave me a place where I could stand back and look at my business with wonderful women. It created a unity of women in business, who relate to each other’s issues and genuinely want to assist each other. Since starting the programme I have expanded on a new part of my product range, employed new staff and now see exports as a future for my business. Paula, you are a great inspiration and I thank you for this great opportunity which will help carry my business, not just now, but in the future.

Claire Burge Simplify Learning

The entire six month programme has provided insight, perspective and focus to my business, as is evident in my bottom line. The connections I have made are ones that I will nurture and maintain going forward.

Claire Cunningham Aura Internet Services Ltd.

I thought the programme was excellent. It was a great way to learn and understand from other businesses. It gave me a chance to review my own business critically and come up with strategies in relation to it.

Claire McHugh Axonista Ltd.

Going for Growth was an invaluable programme to me and my company while we carried out aggressive growth plans in the UK. Our team has benefited from the lessons I’ve learned and we all work in a very smart metrics driven way thanks to the advice I received from our mentor Lulu, who was extremely generous with her wisdom, time and lessons learned.

Claire Sweeney Distinct Distribution

I found the Going for Growth programme enabled me to lay down the framework that has enabled my company to grow. The insight into strategy and guidance from my lead Nikki was invaluable. Overall, I would recommend the experience to anyone that is ready to take the next step.

Cora Barnes Three Q Catering Ltd.

The opportunity to discuss your business, the challenges it faces and your triumphs, with leading business women in a discussion forum does not happen by chance. But it happens in the Going for Growth programme. Not only do you have an extremely successful Lead Entrepreneur to seek advice and guidance from, you have up to seven other fantastic business women to sound your ideas and actions with in a supported, empowered and charged meeting. You give and you get, you get a new perspective on your own business, you learn new skills of doing the same old thing and you appreciate the advice given is given freely and without bias. Thank you for the opportunity and I wish the programme every success in the future.

Dawn Slevin Environmental Liability Services

Going for Growth provided a platform to share and compare business experiences with professionals from small, medium and large businesses, with a national and international client base. The knowledge gained benefited every aspect of ELS’ business including financing, resource management , marketing and sales. Moreover, participation in the Going for Growth sessions and annual forum resulted in a renewed vigour and commitment towards ongoing development and improvement to ELS’ business model.

Deirdre Cogan Ezy Technology innovations Ltd.

Being part of Going for Growth introduces you to a network of excellent business women in Ireland. People with a wealth of knowledge and experience are so willing to share both time and expertise to help out.

Deirdre Ryan The Production People

Going for Growth allowed me the space to step back from the day to day running of my business and take a strategic look at my company and my own hopes and ambitions, while providing the tools, guidance and confidence to put those ideas into business practice.

Denise Walsh Relish Cafe & Deli

I loved getting out of my apron, putting on the suit and going to Dublin for my Going for Growth Sessions. It was absolutely enlightening to talk with other business owners, no matter how small or big their businesses were, about the daily highs and lows of running a successful company. It was a safe and confidential environment with a strong emphasis on morale support. My lead entrepreneur Miriam inspired me and shared her invaluable knowledge and business acumen with us. I now have the exact tools to drive the business forward and I have already seen tangible results. I would highly recommend Going for Growth to any business woman who wants to take that big step of working on your business rather than always in it. I loved it.

Dilis Clare Health & Herbs

The Going for Growth cycle was a small seminar/tutorial group with a tight structure designed with women in mind. We shared humour, experience and enthusiasm. The focus of getting the business done and the tight framework kept the purpose always in mind. The discussions exposed the nitty-gritty everyday business complexities ranging from the big strategic decisions, motivating staff and the bottom line of profit margins. The group leader did all of this with humour and infectious enthusiasm.

Donna Daly Blyth Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy

The Going for Growth programme is the ideal platform for women with business ambition. It offers the kind of practical and realistic support that is needed by all businesses in an environment where successful woman are the norm and not the exception. An opportunity not to be missed.

Eileen Fleming The Buff Day Spa

I was delighted to have been accepted to participate in Going for Growth in 2014. The programme helped me to decide the best path for growing my company - which has already started. I doubt I would be as far as I am now without the monthly Going for Growth meetings. The participants at the round table as well as the Lead Entrepreneur were an inspirational group of hardworking, determined women whose opinion I valued. I would highly recommend Going for Growth to any women who wants to successfully grow their business. I am looking forward to continuing with the Going for Growth Programme and becoming part of the Community.

Eileen O’Connell Interactions Ltd.

I would recommend the programme to anyone in business as it is challenging and kept me focused on the bottom line. It helped me to clarify my business direction and focus on good business practice. It provided me with invaluable learning from the experiences and path to success of the Lead Entrepreneur. There was also a lot of good advice from the expert speakers at the Forum. Finally, the support of the other participants was great and we will continue to meet and support each other as our businesses grow.

Eithne Brenner Faceworks

Going for Growth is a fantastic opportunity to meet ambitious like-minded women intent on analysing and growing their businesses. It gives a welcome forum to step outside the day-to-day running of the business and gain insights and support from other business women, but also to challenge work practices and make improvements. It was fun and very beneficial.

Ellen Kavanagh Waxperts Wax

Going for Growth has been an incredibly inspirational and motivational time for me and my business. In particular the Forum was a wonderful opportunity to meet and listen to some amazing entrepreneurs. It's a fantastic programme and I'm so delighted to be part of it.

Ellie Redmond Movie Junctions

I could only highly recommend the Going for Growth programme to other female entrepreneurs looking for support as they implement changes in their business in a view to growing their current operations. Positive peer pressure from other successful business women is extremely motivating and made me feel stronger as I realised that success feeds success. The round table discussions gave me the confidence that I needed to explore new avenues for myself and my business. One day, I hope I will be able to take part from the other side and help others like I was.

Elaine McGarry BusyMoos.com

Being a participant on the Going for Growth programme has helped me immensely in going forward with our business “BusyMoos.com” by taking the fear out of making the small steps to get to the next step. The open nature of the discussion, the experience and knowledge of the leads who are so generous with their time and knowledge. It’s great to talk out challenges with other like-minded people that are facing the same issues. Going for Growth helps you realise your ambitions. Go for IT!

Emmeline Hill Equinome

Going for Growth was the perfect opportunity for me to focus on my company. The support from the other participants has been inspiring. We all face the same hurdles despite running very different businesses. For anyone starting a company, I would say – just go for it. It is tough and challenging but through participation in a programme like Going for Growth, you can find the strength to succeed.

Eunice Power Eunice Power Cooking for you

Going for Growth provided a forum to re-examine my business and have very useful subjective input from others around the table.

Fern Ross Effista.com

My experience of Going for Growth was great, it’s an excellent opportunity to network on a national & international level… with a real focus on growth, strategies and learning from peers. I’d highly recommend it.

Fiona Egan Sásta Fitness

In Sásta Fitness I am the sole decision maker in a new rapidly expanding business and would not be inclined to share the business issues with others. The Going for Growth programme has introduced me to like minded people who shared and assisted solving business issues in a confidential manner which has been a real benefit to my business. It was a great opportunity to take a day off once a month from the day to day running of the business and ultimately delegate more to my more than competent team allowing me develop the bigger plan for Sásta . Our monthly meetings were well structured and our Lead Entrepreneur Monica Flood was excellent and so generous with her time and provided invaluable advice. Nothing was too much bother for Paula Fitzsimons who was a great support always looking at ways she could assist the participants. Going for Growth is a women's network with a difference which I would highly recommend.

Fiona Fitzsimons Eneclann Ltd

Through Going for Growth I met other like-minded women, who took great enjoyment in being entrepreneurs, and were serious and focused about their businesses.

Fiona Heaney Fee G

I found the Going For Growth programme really interesting. It made me look at my business and focus on what I really wanted to achieve from it.

Fleur Creed Genesis Business College

I found the Going for Growth Programme to be a positive experience. It helped me focus on the overall strategic direction of the company. Our Lead Entrepreneur was excellent; she was very sharp with an admirable depth of experience, which we all benefited from.

Frances Keane Personally Speaking Ltd.

Having completed the Going for Growth Programme and attended the Forum, I am now a lot clearer on my business goals and how I can successfully achieve them. The programme gave me some practical advice that I was able to implement immediately. It was a great opportunity to be able to share my experiences and concerns with a mentor and other people at a similar stage. I recommend that anyone interested in growing their business should take the opportunity to be part of this programme.

Gail McEvoy McEvoy Accountants

The Going for Growth program was invaluable to my business. It was great to allocate the necessary time to take a helicopter view of the business in a safe environment.

Georgina Corscadden Peak Connexxion Training Ltd

Going for Growth provides a wonderful opportunity to take time to reflect on your business, be supported and challenged by like-minded individuals and ultimately to strategically map out the future and continued growth of the business. Thank you for an excellent programme that was very professional. I will be recommending it to others.

Gillian Moore Fushcia Make-up

An incredible experience for both me and my business. A great way of meeting like-minded people who are going in the same direction. I am so glad I got the opportunity to be apart of this.

Grace Fields Motivation Weight Management

I found the programme to be hugely beneficial to my business. It helped me to focus on the key aspects of my business and I found the advice I received from Anne, my lead entrepreneur to be invaluable. It was a great opportunity to take a step back from the day to day activities of the business and focus on where I want to bring the business and how I can do so. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this programme and I would recommend it to anyone interested in growing their business.

Grainne Barry Anotherfriend.com

I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ for the fantastic women in business Going for Growth programme that you organized and facilitated. I really had the most enriching experience and now have a completely new network of like-minded individuals who are happy and willing to assist me in any way as I grow my business. The format created was such a trusted and safe environment that each of the participants found a great place to talk about the details of growing their individual businesses, and we each found many of our experiences to be the same. Our group has now decided to continue our meetings on a bi-monthly basis, and it was your programme that gave us this great opportunity. I do hope that it continues for new groups in the future.

Jacqueline O'Farrell Grove Health Spa

I found Going for Growth to be a powerful and inspirational experience in helping me focus on where I am in my business and how I can make it grow. It is driven by a powerful team of mentors, directors & lead entrepreneurs, who are committed to help, inspire & support those of us who want to reach the top in our businesses and careers.

Jane Kelly Big Mountain Productions

Going for Growth was, and continues to be, one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve had as a businesswoman. Our group has continued to meet and my business has benefited enormously. Being in the company of experienced and confident entrepreneurs brimming with ideas and real solutions has been uplifting and invaluable -thank you ladies and thank you too to Paula for a brilliant idea that yields genuine results!

Jennifer Rothwell Jennifer Rothwell

My experience in the Going For Growth initiative was extremely beneficial to the growth of my business. I received great practical advice from my mentor Amanda Pratt creative director of Avoca, in relation to production contacts and exhibitions abroad etc. As a result I exhibited in Pure London 08 which resulted in invaluable experience in international Trade Shows. I also discovered that PR does not necessarily make your business successful. Customer satisfaction is the key and word of mouth is essential for your company’s growth and profitability. I would strongly recommend the initiative Going For Growth for any company that wants to receive invaluable advice from highly experienced and successful mentors! It is an extremely positive experience, and a must for any company that wants to succeed!

Jenny Maybury Category Solutions

I feel as a small growing company Going for Growth gave me the insight, confidence and ways to focus and grow the business more profitably and efficiently.

Jill Holtz Mykidstime Ltd.

I would recommend Going for Growth for any business owner who wants to grow their business, no matter what size or sector. The practical, goal-led approach over a period of time, coupled with the Lead Entrepreneur’s expertise and the input from the rest of the group really does work. We have seen the evidence in our own company from participating in the programme. It also opened our eyes to other potential that we had never considered before.

Joanna Norton Click4ESOL

Going for Growth is a great sounding board for women aspiring to build successful businesses.

Joanne Hession QED International

Just to say a big thank you for inventing, launching and organizing the Going for Growth Programme. I have found it to be extremely beneficial for my business and had excellent meetings with Anne Heraty and my fellow group members. At our last meeting we had a round table discussion of the challenges each of our businesses are currently facing and it was a candid discussion through which all received ideas and feedback for growth and improvement. Our group has agreed that it would be beneficial to keep the meetings going to act as an advisory group for each other’s businesses which is great. Please also pass on my thanks to the sponsors for funding the initiative and to Clare for keeping us all on track!

Jola Wojtowicz MissChiChi.com

I had an excellent experience participating in the Going for Growth programme. With a great Lead and participants from very diverse business backgrounds, all aspects of the programme made my experience the best possible.

Joyce Rigby Jones Voltedge

Going for Growth has allowed us in Voltedge to re-focus on our objectives, how to achieve them, and to put real measurements and goals in place. The networking has been really positive, with the team support and participation really valuable. I look forward to working with my Going for Growth team well into the future, and we hope to continue to act as sounding boards and support for each other. The programme also allowed us all to voice our concerns, doubts, worries and get genuine feedback from both our team contributors and our mentor.

Julia McAndrew Compleat Travel Essentials Ltd.

I have found the overall process of Going for Growth very beneficial. I have found Paula an excellent organiser, coordinator and an inspiration to listen to. The whole group of 70 Ladies was very valuable in sharing each other’s knowledge and business values. There was great positivity and energy surrounding the programme and it makes one think bigger and broader at all times.

Julie Cobbe Stylefish.ie

As a small business my Going for Growth experience was invaluable not only to give new ideas, advice and support but to really motivate, share and realise that it is the people you surround yourself with that helps you grow your business. You can never do it all on your own. Going for Growth really proves that.

Julie Currid Induction Manager

Going for Growth provides you with an opportunity to meet and work with inspirational women who are experiencing the same entrepreneurial highs and lows as you are.

Kareena MacLeod Cloudware Ltd. (Aladdin Schools)

Would you like to fast track your business using a proven structure for growth? Would you like to meet regularly with like-minded high achieving female entrepreneurs? If yes, then Going for Growth is for you!

Kathryn Fanning Dun Riabach Teo t/a Eason

Being part of the Going for Growth programme was invigorating and I looked forward to each session, meeting up with other interesting business women, learning from their experience and taking advice when given. The support, encouragement and learning opportunity both from our Lead Entrepreneur and the fellow participants gives you the impetus to keep working hard! The National Forum in particular was so worthwhile. The speakers were all of the highest calibre, the content was strong and the whole event and venue was so enjoyable and uplifting. I really would recommend to the programme to any woman in business and am so pleased to have had the opportunity to be part of Going for Growth.

Kathy Gleeson The Vintage Inn

The sense of independence Going for Growth gave me is invaluable as was meeting other likeminded people who were trying to do the same. Most of the people in my group are in a sector where we mostly fell into the jobs we were doing and are so passionate about going for growth in our own individual ways but I think the Going for Growth programme gave us a sort of ‘road map’ going forward to achieve this.

Kathy O’Dwyer Career Training (Internship Placements)

This is a very good programme for experienced entrepreneurs. It provided an opportunity to take stock and evaluate their business in a safe environment. It was run in a very professional manner without pressure. I attended every session because of the value I placed on the programme!

Kay Mulcaire Isobel Boutique

Going for Growth gave me confidence to take my business to another level. I felt at every session I was pushing myself to achieve more for my business. The only way to describe my experience is “success breeds success”

Krisha McPhillips Creative Keyboards

Going for Growth has given me a new lease of life and a boost of confidence to keep going. I was bogged down with challenges and had no one to talk to without the prospect of having to give away a share of my business. Going for Growth was invaluable as I got expert advice on all aspects of running my business from successful entrepreneurs who were so willing to impart with their invaluable knowledge. Thank you Nikki, Paula and all the Leads and Participants at the National Forum.

Leonora Ryan theTRAINengine

I highly recommend the Going for Growth programme. Discussing the practical business challenges with inspirational and candid women is refreshing and immensely constructive.

Linda Ennis Beauty Academy

Going for Growth is a wonderful opportunity to learn from an experienced mentor who started out like you as a small business owner. They offer their support and advice freely. They help you to tease out your ideas and think deeper into your actions and decisions. The group is filled with like-minded individuals who themselves bring a lot of ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm. It was nice to spend time with individuals who are going through the same experiences and learning curves that you are yourself. I would highly recommend anyone to participate in Going for Growth.

Linda Stewart Mizu Hair and Beauty Dundalk

My experience of Going for Growth was amazing! It made me take a different perspective to my business and how I was running it. I find that now I constantly challenge myself to grow my business and am increasingly focused on clear goals.

Liz Waters Malones of Dublin

I found the Going for Growth sessions to be a very positive experience. It is a bit cliched, I know, but it can be lonely running your own business and often there is not the management depth in an SME to have the type of business discussions that the Going for Growth programme offers. All the participants bring their varying experiences to the table and regardless of the type of business, there is a huge commonality of problems and issues which lends itself to lively discussion and interesting outcomes. I would say to any future candidate “Grab it if you can”.

Louise Clarke Nude Food

The networking provided by Going for Growth gave me insights to ways of business that I would have had to search long and hard to be involved with, the openness of the women and the brainstorming, every question received nine opinions, nine warnings and nine voices of positivity.

Going for Growth is a unique opportunity, I would urge all to try. Providing you are prepared to commit and work, otherwise you will be wasting not only your own time but the time of your fellow members and denying someone else the possible chance of a lifetime.

Lulu O’Sullivan GiftsDirect.ie & Going for Growth Lead Entrepreneur

I am delighted to be associated with Going for Growth, which is an excellent initiative. I have seen the participants in my group make real progress over our meetings and they are determined to continue to meet with each other as a group even when the cycle has formally finished. I believe that this initiative is highly relevant to the needs of women entrepreneurs focused on growth and I intend to continue to lend my support to it.

Lynda Booth Dublin Cookery School

Participation in Going for Growth came at a very pertinent time for me personally. As a woman in business on my own, I struggle with so many aspects of how to deal with crises, how to manage staff and how to expand my business. I have found the programme enormously beneficial. I think I learnt the discipline of not only ensuring that the immediate tasks are dealt with but also the discipline of not sidelining more long term issues. I now feel more empowered and much more in control of what I need to do, more able to manage, and am now focused on a new strategy which will help me to drive my business forward.

Maeve Kneafsey Elucidate

The day you walk into your first Going for Growth session, you have already started to grow. You are no longer thinking about growth in an abstract way, but participating in building your own business future in a very practical way. When you are running a business, it can be very tempting to avoid pulling back from the day-to-day. When you are focused as the founder of a business on pleasing your clients and inspiring your team, you sometimes forget what you have achieved and the strength of your own innovation and business acumen. Having your peers who know exactly what’s involved in setting up, running and making a success of a business appreciate what you have done, is a great boost to your confidence. I certainly need that boost to help fuel the future energy needed to deliver the business growth. I enjoyed having a group of people I learnt to trust which allowed me to drop the mantel of “I know everything because I am the leader” persona. Where I could tell it how it is and get constructive advice from a group of people who have my interests at heart. I am happy to do the same for them in the future as we become Ireland’s leading business women. I can also see us helping younger business women, maybe even our own daughters.

Mag Kirwan Goatsbridge Trout Farm

Women have to lead if we are to make a difference. We have to believe in ourselves and our innate ability to achieve. Going for Growth is the perfect platform to build out confidence in business. Together we are strong.

Margaret Ryan STORM Web Development Ltd.

Going for Growth is the most worthwhile exercise we have undertaken for our business. The material covered in the sessions and the conference is invaluable and applies to every type of business. It helps you to evaluate and then structure your business which in turn enables you to run and grow you business in a practical and efficient manner. It shows you how to read and measure where your business stands on an on-going basis allowing you to make decisions that not only helps your business grow but helps you avoid falling into pitfalls/setbacks. It is access to an invaluable network were business deals and collaborations can be made, This programme is exceptional and no matter what size or type of business you are, it is certainly worth doing.

Margaret Ward Clear Ink

Going for Growth is a hugely helpful way of focusing on your business. Mentors clear way the clouds and provide a laser-focused view of your business – warts and all! Clear thinking makes smart changes possible. The group also provides practical insights and support. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The course was very logical, structured and “right on the money” for busy business owners hoping to expand.

Marie Clifford Advanced Technical Concepts

I would highly recommend the Going for Growth programme for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their business. It is truly inspirational and I found all participants to be very open about the issues/challenges they are facing. The group dynamic helps greatly in fueling the right way forward. Not only that, one gains many new friends.

Marjorie O'Malley Achill Island Sea Salt

I was delighted to be included in the Going for Growth programme. I was very lucky to be part of a group of very intelligent, interesting woman who were determined to grow their businesses. Every business has its challenges but after each meeting I felt encouraged to meet challenges of my business, equipped with new skills and a raft of ideas discussed at the meetings. I would encourage business woman to join Going for Growth- the mentoring from both the Lead and the participants was invaluable.

Martina Henry KoKo Latte

The Going for Growth programme was an invaluable experience for me and my business as it has served to focus my attention on making practical changes to the business to improve turnover, and ultimately the bottom line. It’s biggest benefit was perhaps on a personal level in that it provided a confidential environment in which to share problems related to running my own business, and to find solutions amongst like-minded business women who ‘get’ the issues I face and who can both sympathise and offer alternative perspectives from which to approach the problem and move forward in a more positive manner. I would recommend the programme to any female entrepreneur who has an underlying belief in their business but currently feels a bit lost in how to reach their goals, or who needs a knowledgeable and understanding spectrum of opinion and experience with whom to share ideas and problems.

Mary McArdle Carlingford Adventure Centre

This programme was a wonderful opportunity to meet with interesting and dynamic women. Our Lead Entrepreneur, Amanda, was a wonderful model of how to operate in a successful family business. Thank you

Mary Duncan Brian Duncan Fencing & Plant Hire

For years I have felt very isolated in my own place, Going for Growth was the opening of a new panorama for me. I have stepped into the sunshine and the world is bright. I have met fabulous new people who had the same motives and objectives as me. We speak of business issues and I feel enlightened and alive. The support, help and encouragement from the group has been fantastic. I would recommend Going for Growth to every lady in business.

Mary O'Donoghue Sanctuary Medi Spa & Beauty Academy

I would highly recommend this programme to every woman in business, especially if the intention is to grow your business. The detailed agendas ,business development , advice and support is what is needed to focus your time and energy to achieve your goals. The programme is highly motivating and not only will you further develop your business but make good friends and be part of a network which will be there to support you.

Mary Rodgers Stateside Solutions

The Group sessions are an invaluable tool that allows you to objectively reflect on your business, the feedback of the group and the guidance and knowledge of Lulu provided a real open and confidential forum in which I was able to trash out all aspects of my business and implement concrete changes that have had a direct positive effect on Stateside.

Mary Ryan Product Innovator Ltd

Going for Growth has been very beneficial for my business. With the varied experience in the group, the discussion forums have proven very valuable for discussing issues in a confidential setting. It’s great to build a network of like-minded female entrepreneurs who are leading by example and ‘Just Doing It’!

Mary B. Walsh Ire Wel Pallets Limited

Going for Growth re-ignited my energies and ambitions to begin growing again, both personally and professionally. Going for Growth is made up of the most extraordinary group of people who are so positive, encouraging and so hard working with extraordinary achievements to show for their enthusiasm and efforts made. I am very fortunate to have been a part of this it in 2014, to have met the organisers of the programme, the Leads and the participants. The world is a far better place since I met them. Being part of Going for Growth re-enforced my belief in the fact that "There is nothing permanent except change".

Maureen Grealish LEAP

The programme is a great way to get constructive opinion on your plans and ideas and allows the participant to tease out their growth plans in a structured way.

Miriam Byrne City Analysts Ltd

I would recommend the Going for Growth programme to any woman who feels alone in what she is trying to achieve in her business. The access to several other business heads in a relaxed environment was invaluable.

Monica Duggan Willie Duggan Lighting

Going for Growth has been a brilliant experience for me. I have learnt so much from our Lead, Julie, and also from the rest of the participants. It has been invaluable and has had a positive impact on our business and on myself. It has been a tough two years but I found Going for Growth such a positive influence. We are now pushing harder than ever before and seeing the results. Thank you Paula, Julie and the girls. 

Monica Flood Formerly Olas IT & Going for Growth Lead Entrepreneur

From a Lead Entrepreneur’s perspective, the initiative was extremely well organised and monitored by you and your team. I got every support I needed in making the meetings run smoothly and focusing the topics. I had a good mix of participants operating quite different businesses. However, they were all at more or less the same stage in business development, which allowed for good interaction. My team developed excellent personal relationships and I know that they are still in contact with each other. Some of them are actually doing business together! At each meeting my team were very vocal on the benefits they believed they were getting from the sessions. Quite a lot of trust developed during the seven month period of Going for Growth which allowed for very open and valuable discussion at the last few meetings. I believe that some of my team will not make mistakes that could otherwise be made if they did not have the opportunity of Going for Growth. I would have loved to have had the opportunity of such support myself when I started out in business! The Lead Entrepreneur meetings were important to discuss approach and style. Personally…even at this late stage… I gained enormously from my involvement in Going for Growth!!! Going for Growth was great fun and I would be very happy to be involved again in another Going for Growth initiative

Morgan Pierce BodySmart Ltd

The Going for Growth programme presented me with a valuable opportunity to share my current challenges and aspirations for growth with a group of women in similar circumstances. I used the monthly meetings to garner valuable feedback that I then used to improve my prospects for growth and commercialisation. I found the monthly meetings of significant benefit and highly informational, and I look forward to keeping in contact with the other entrepreneurs and the development of their businesses. I highly recommend the programme to female entrepreneurs who are facing the challenges of managing and growing a business, and who would benefit from being part of a group of women with similar issues.

Moya O’Brien ICEP Europe

I found it very helpful to meet with similar minded women who were experiencing the same challenges in growing a business. The questions posed by the group leader were thought provoking and helped to clarify strategy and direction for growth. Taking time out from a business to reflect and plan for the future was very helpful. I found the sessions very stimulating and it helped me renew my enthusiasm for business.

Nancy Holland Hollands Londis

I found the whole experience very good, particularly in meeting others in business. Going for Growth would be a huge arena for gaining knowledge in how to get your product to the marketplace.

Naomi Moore Pulse College / Windmill Lane Studios

I cannot recommend participation in Going for Growth highly enough. I joined the group with, I have to admit, some trepidation, but within an hour realised the value. My Lead, Fiona O’Carroll, was inspirational, gifted and sharp and my fellow entrepreneurs bright and motivated. I learned valuable business lessons that no degree course could inform me on or prepare me for. Our sessions were honest and open and everyone was generous with their wisdom and experience.

I have left with not just a greater understanding of my business and aspirations, but with a network of colleagues who are readily available, knowledgeable and invaluable to my business and its growth. I wish Paula and the team continued success and encourage anyone who is lucky enough to be given the opportunity to join the programme.

Natasha Fennell Stillwater Communication

Going for Growth is about meeting other women in business and learning from their experiences. Sometimes when running a business we can feel very isolated and out of contact with what other businesses are doing. Essentially, that’s what Going for Growth does. It connects you with other businesses and reminds you that the issues you are facing are not unique to you. In my opinion, this is the most valuable aspect of the Going for Growth network, and for that I recommend it.

Nicola Byrne 11890 Directory Enquiries

I found the Going for Growth programme was more than just mentoring, it has become an invaluable network of dynamic friends and business peers. While the programme was designed to be a year long, our group has continued for three years and continues to thrive. I cannot recommend Going for Growth highly enough.

Nicola O'Neill Harvest Resources

I see myself as a committed member to the Going for Growth Community in the future. I feel privileged that I got to spend time with like-minded peers on a regular basis to be challenged, supported and inspired to keep going and continue to strive to be the best that you can be for your clients, your team, your business and yourself. It is an experience that all business people should engage in and make time for.
Continuing the Momentum is a perfect follow on, the support and challenge in equal measure really pushes you to analyse your business and take risks. It helps to know that you have a support mechanism that really gets your business. Deirdre was a fantastic facilitator, really supportive and practical. Also the network that the group had collectively was a great asset and there were lots of connections and introductions made throughout the group meetings. Thank you to Paula and her team for making this happen, for continuing to raise awareness of the importance of the women in business agenda and for allowing us to share in the journey.

Nikki Evans Perfect Card Ltd.

Running your own business you can sometimes feel a little isolated. Going for Growth provided me with a platform to test ideas and seek advice without worrying about negative impact of asking the tough questions. Fellow participants were truly inspiring in their accomplishments, and while the sectors and focus of the business varied greatly the challenges were always common. Each session allowed me to step outside of the day-to-day running of the business and focus more on the future and the next step. I was very fortunate to be in Elaine’s group, where thinking big was the order of the day – what were dreams a year ago are now in motion to become reality.

Norma Judge Spectacle Parade Opticians

It was extremely useful to develop my business from the objective outlook of Going for Growth meetings and I found the input from other session members invaluable. I badly needed to be “dragged” out of my business because I was caught in a workaholic cycle that would not have contributed to as much growth.

Nuala Greenan Murphy Playground Services Ltd

I would encourage anyone who wants to grow and develop their business to apply for Going for Growth; it is a unique opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded women and to share ideas and suggestions on how to address the challenges and exploit the opportunities we encounter in everyday business.

Oonagh O'Hagan Meagher's Pharmacy Group

I would highly recommend the Going for Growth programme as it really allowed me the time to stand back and have an overall look at my business and where it was going. The programme was very well structured with six well thought out agendas which delved into every aspect of my business. Time was spent looking at my strategy, customer value proposition, resources and my team. Our Lead Fidelma McGuirk was excellent at giving us all time to discuss these topics within our own business and allow for the rest of the group to give their feedback and ideas on what we each should consider. I must say that I received some really innovative ideas from my fellow participants, some of which I have already applied to my business and which are working. There was a great feeling of trust and support within our group within a very short space of time and I look forward to meeting up with them all again and watching their continued success.

Orla Cafferty Datascan

I was delighted to be chosen as one of the participants in the 6th Cycle of Going for Growth. I knew it would be a great experience but I did not expect it to surpass my expectations to such a degree. Our group was diverse and lively and immediately fell into a great communication rhythm which was both challenging and encouraging at the same time. Seeing the other group members' passion and ambition for their businesses really made me think about planning for my own business growth. Meeting each month and sharing visions, successes and some setbacks with our group has been vastly enjoyable and I would highly recommend the programme to any ambitious business woman.

Orla Cantwell Datawise

Going for Growth is a well-structured programme forcing business owners to stand bank and consider various aspects of their business and identify areas and methods for improvement. You engage with creative driven and focussed women and learn lots from their valuable experience and feedback.

Orla Fitzgerald Revas Spa

I found the programme informative and refreshing. There is a certain comfort in the knowledge that no matter what type of business you have, we all encounter the same struggles and challenges. The programme helped me to determine what growth meant to me, achieve a balance between my work and personal life, a path for development and to identify the indicators that show that I am progressing along that journey. Our Lead's practical and honest approach was one of the main reasons that this group worked so well..

Patricia Lawler Scope Clinical Research

I found the Going for Growth programme invaluable and over the six months have formed a close bond with the other members. We have decided to continue to meet once a quarter for a review of where we are and discussion. The sessions were informative, lively and sometimes emotional but at the end everyone left with more knowledge and contacts then when they arrived. I run a business on my own so I found the input of the mentor and the other members invaluable.

Patricia O’Mahony Connect Promotions

I have just completed the Going for Growth programme that was held in Waterford. For me the best part of the programme was being able to stand back from my business to take stock of it and being able to share ideas/information with like minded business women. The agenda was very appropriate for all sized businesses and included very practical topics including some challenging questions e.g ‘Why am I in Business?’ I now have some ideas to work on that will enable me to grow my business.

Patricia Roberts No. 1 Pery Square

The Going for Growth programme provided me and my business with the ability to make changes more effectively and tools to achieve better production from our management team. Shared experiences are massive learning tools. Thank you.

Paula McGrath The Achievers

Going for Growth is an understated valuable forum for those that are willing to put in the time to the programme. I feel that the individual that understands the commercial value of assisting others and themselves and their business will enjoy this programme.

Rachel McIntyre Mac's Deli Bakery & Outside Catering

I would highly recommend this programme to any business, regardless of what level, and regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established business. The focus on growth in a business is something which is overlooked by a lot of SMEs who work extremely hard in their business, but fail to put proper strategies in place for growing their business and structures in place which would allow them to stand back from the business. The knowledge, ambition, energy, level of professionalism, advice, ideas and contributions from the leader and from the other participants in the group has been invaluable to me and has motivated and inspired me to take my business to another level.

Regina Mangan bookaroom.ie

I participated in the Going for Growth in 2008. It helped catapult my business from a small thinking firm to a more ambitious business. Participating with and being in the same environment as these successful and influential women was infectious. The drive, ambition & confidence spread like a virus and the adrenalin was high. Where else would I get to hang out with these serious business influencers. The group sessions offered each participant the time and support to resolve our operational and business development concerns. Some great ideas were shared and the setting for success was set within the Lead Entrepreneur’s own environment. I was also in a great position as a result of the programme to get tremendous business advice for one of Ireland’s leading entrepreneurs. I am a great advocate for Going for Growth and would recommend any women in business who is looking to grow to get on board.

Rita Shah Shabra Plastics and Packaging & Going for Growth Lead Entrepreneur

I found Going for Growth very good for my group of participants. They benefited a lot from being a part of it, as there was true inspiration for them to grow their business. From my experience of the programme, I would recommend support for Going for Growth to any institute or government body that wishes to see young companies grow. If I had the opportunity to grow Shabra again with the same programme, I think the company would have grown much faster!

Rosaleen Kelly Communicare Agency

Going for Growth is a fantastic forum for business women like myself who run a family run business and don’t have the support of sister companies of franchises.

Rose Quilter Note Taking Solutions Ltd.

Our participation in the Going for Growth Programme opened up our minds to many new possibilities in business and enabled us to start thinking ‘outside the box’. We discovered that in order to grow we have to trust in our own judgement to take that leap of faith into the unknown. It was a very refreshing experience to be able to discuss issues and interact with women who were in a similar position to our own, even though some businesses were at different stages of development and growth. I would like to thank the Going for Growth team for all the research and work that went into running a national project of this magnitude and would like to wish the Going for Growth team every success in future projects.

Rosey Broderick Webresults.ie

Going for Growth has been a truly brilliant experience for WebResults.ie. It has helped me bring focus and clarity to my web marketing services business, which has led to the growth of the business subsequent to completing the programme. The experience, guidance and support from Lead Entrepreneurs was excellent. Monica Flood, my Lead Entrepreneur, on the programme has been truly tremendous and so dedicated to ensuring we made progress throughout and even after the programme was completed. Some of the guidance she gave has inspired me to take the necessary steps to grow my business. It was also very beneficial to meet the network of other businesses through the programme. Many faced similar challenges as ourselves enabling us to share experiences and benefit from each others’ knowledge and expertise. Thank you to Paula and the Going for Growth programme for this wonderful experience. I would highly recommend any business, lucky enough to get the opportunity, to participate on the Going for Growth programme to do so.

Rosie Boles Burgess of Athlone

Through Going for Growth I have met great women whose business experiences have been similar in many aspects to my own, although they are coming from very different sectors. Their passion/determination for business equals mine – some of whom are real adventurers – this has been a great learning & sharing experience. Being CEO of any business can be lonesome – taking time out of the business to look at the business, the sharing of visions for the future in a confidential environment, with business people whose opinions I respect, has been very valuable. It shored up confidence in what is right about my business and gave me insight to improvements. Thanks for the invitation to participate in Going for Growth.

Rosie Sheehan Broadway Bagels

As a business owner and a mother of three young children, time is my most valuable commodity. I have to choose carefully which programmes will most benefit my business, and I found that Going for Growth was hugely beneficial. The facilitator for our group was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but where I really benefited was in talking with and learning from the other businesswomen in our group. There were women from all sectors, at different growth levels, and the information I garnered from these women is invaluable.

Samantha Rathling Expect Recruitment

I participated in the very first Going for Growth initiative. As a result of my involvement, I made some decisions in my business which have totally transformed the company. The Going for Growth programme certainly got me focusing on my business, and gave me an opportunity to step outside of the day to day whirlwind. It gave me confidence to drive on and make decisions for growth. Since participating in Going for Growth, my recruitment business, Expect Talent, has gone from a turnover of €120,000 to a turnover in excess of €1.5million this year, and all of this happened during a recession! We now have established offices in Cork and Dublin and we are creating jobs, the number of permanent staff we employ has doubled in the last 18 months. I would recommend Going for Growth to any entrepreneur who is serious about growing their business.

Sarah Doyle Kinesense

If you are looking for a support network that is honest, open and encouraging, Going for Growth is for you. Meet real business women who help solve real business issues.

Sarah O'Connell O'Connell Cleaning Services Ltd

I have learnt so much from Going for Growth. If I had known about all this support and information for businesses about 5 years ago, I feel that my business could be- employing more staff and turning over higher profits. Paula Fitzsimons and her colleagues run a very efficient and informative course. I would have no problem recommending the course to my business colleagues.

Sharon Farrell Fun Galaxy

Being a participant in the 4th Cycle of Going for Growth gave me the courage and strength to rebrand our logo and helped me to see the potential for growth within our business.

Sharon Plunkett Plunkett PR

Whether you are in an established business or a new business, Going for Growth is an amazing programme which will really help you distill your business goals and how you can get there. I found meeting other female entrepreneurs was really instrumental in learning how to handle issues that arise in the everyday running of a business. I would highly recommend this programme.

Sharon Tracey Tracey Legal Management Services

The Going for Growth Sessions gave me the support of other committed women in business. Taking time out was so beneficial and uplifting. Overall I felt my participation inspired me to believe in my ambitions for growth and to trust the process.

Sharyn Mitchell Another Avenue

I really enjoyed the Going for Growth programme. I thought it was a really great way to see how other business differ from each other in their approach. Overall the course was fantastic; it was great to meet the different people on the course. A lot of work, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about growing their business.

Sheena Clohessy I-CANDO

Going for Growth provides a network of business women who share similar challenges and are prepared to share their experience and advice. I would recommend it to anyone who is preparing for growth in their business.

Sheila Gallogly Marla Communications & Shelfspace

Having run my own business for over 6 years, I wasn’t sure if Going for Growth was going to add value to my business. However, after the first session, I knew I had made the right decision in participating in the programme – the insight from our Lead, the practical application, the challenging and refocusing of my thinking were all significant benefits to me as a business woman. I would highly recommend this programme, and commend all those ladies involved who give their precious time selflessly to help those of us who are still on our business journey!

Sian Breslin Donegal Manor & Siansplan.com

Participating in the Going for Growth programme gave me the belief that with the right strategy and support from others who have succeeded, anything is possible with time. The participants that I met during the programme have now become my friends and advocates. I admire them all for their persistence, determination and for the support they gave me.

Sinead Heffernan Thunders Bakery Ltd

Continuing the Momentum, for me, has taken the ground work done in Going for Growth to the practical results driven phase. It brings focus to a growth strategy, questions its sustainability and guides in setting targets for achieving long term goals. It has continued to provide a channel to other women in business which I have found to be the most valuable element of being part of this group. It is also a social outlet to the business world that has the potential to introduce new business to a growing company.

Siobhan Byrne Learat Adams & Butler

Going for Growth is a wonderful springboard opportunity which enables business women to achieve focused growth for their companies. It does this by providing a secure and reflective setting where they can thrash out their business challenges with like-minded people under the leadership of someone who has already been there and come out the other side. If you want to drive your company, this will help you put the foot down on the accelerator and get going speedily in the right direction. It was one of those experiences that you not only enjoy, but can reap the benefits from day one. Unmissable.

Siobhan Lawless The foods of Athenry

I took part in the 2nd cycle of Going for Growth and I found the support from the Lead Entrepreneurs and the other participants was invaluable. Everyone was so encouraging. I find it humbling that the Leads, who are successful business women, give up time and volunteer to share their wealth of business knowledge with us.

Siobhan Warde Star Stories

Going for Growth has been a fantastic programme which I have enjoyed over the past 6 months. To meet with a group once per month and discuss what has happened over the past month has been great, along with discussing problems and finding solutions with like minded individuals. It was great to discover I was not alone.

Sue O’Neill iQ Technologies

The Going for Growth programme is a fantastic way for any company to focus on the growth of their business in an environment that challenges your ideas whilst offering you support through a group of like minded individuals- certainly not just another ‘women’s group’

Susan Brady Cloud Assist

Going for Growth is an experience that any company should have. It has allowed me to step back and review my company to help move it forward. Also I have developed a strong bond with others to form a network that I hope too will grow.

Tara Beattie The Caterers

I have found the whole experience of running a company lonely and slightly ‘grey’ as I never knew what was right or the norm. We never had any dealings or help with agencies. This experience in Going for Growth has enlightened me and shown me that all business have similar issues – just different products and revenues. I am so glad and re-energised because of my participation in this programme.

Theresa Keady EC Charging Ltd

Going for Growth enables like-minded female business women to support, correspond and participate in the wider business network as groups of serious professional women.

Theresa Mulvihill Tamm Technologies Ltd

Going for Growth has been a wonderful experience. I was thrilled to have been chosen for the cycle but it was only when I met the other ladies at my table that I realised what an honour it was to have been selected. The skills, knowledge and the experience at the table was exceptional. A superb bunch of ladies all in one room who never held back where they could help. Our lead Susan Spence was practical, honest and so generous in sharing her experiences. She was supportive and great fun. I would highly recommend Going for Growth to any woman in business. I will miss my monthly meetings and wish there were more!

Tracy O’Connor SOUL Motivational Training

Going for Growth is a strategic yet extremely practical programme. The programme really gets you thinking in terms of a helicopter view of your business. For me, I was stuck working in not on my business. Following Going for Growth, I have changed this mindset. My business is now ready to move to the next level.

Tricia Balfe Nomos Software

Going for Growth provided an excellent forum to meet and develop good relationships with women running similar businesses. It was a treat and an inspiration to meet people who clearly got great satisfaction out of running their businesses over years, even if it involved a lot of hard work.

Triona Mac Giolla Ri Aro Digital Strategy

Going for Growth is a network of excellent businesswomen in Ireland. It is greatly relevant to the needs of ambitious, motivated and focussed businesswomen who are focused on growing their business. I joined a group of positive, creative and committed women led by Fidelma McGuirk. Trust quickly built up creating a forum where each participant could discuss their particular challenges and developments and gain insight from the others' experiences.

Veronica Molloy Crossogue Preserves

Going for Growth is a vibrant and exhilarating experience for an entrepreneur who would like to meet and learn from others of the same mind set. Positivity is the name of the game and this one “inhales” at the Going for Growth National Forum. This and hard work will always grow success.

Wendy Merrigan Williams Merrigan Ltd

I found the Going for Growth experience hugely positive. From taking some time out and spending it with the network of women in both my group and the females I met at the conference, I have made decisions on where I want to take my business. The course helped me to find the focus, clarity and had renewed my passion for what I do. I am grateful to the members of my group, our lead, Monica Flood and Paula Fitzsimons for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful community.

Yinka Martin HairWeavon

Since taking part in Going for Growth my business sales have increased by 63% and I have taken on one new staff member. I have learnt so much.

Ann Marie Walsh The Tipperary Kitchen

As an entrepreneur it is important to be able to bounce ideas and discuss issues. Going for Growth sessions gave me the opportunity not only to air these ideas, but to receive honest feedback and excellent solutions from like minded business people in a secure environment.

Caroline Connolly MacCoole Tours

Going for Growth has made huge impact on my business and personal life. As the youngest member of our panel I was inspired by the other entrepreneurs and learnt a lot from their tales of business. Growth is achievable with planning and this was the most valuable lesson I learnt.

Cathy Riordan PR Wise

Going for Growth is a hugely worthwhile initiative. The cycle of six sessions covers key areas to lead your business into growth. I looked forward to each roundtable session and the time to focus on the business. It enabled me to look at models for growth and get them right for my business. Great mentor in Lulu O'Sullivan and a great group. We will continue meeting up. I was delighted to be selected.

Grace Penney Diamond Bridal

Going for Growth certainly exceeded my expectations. I found the Round Table sessions very enjoyable and inspirational. The monthly meetings allowed time away from the day to day running of business and gave time to reflect and plan for growth. The National Forum is a must for all members! After 6 months my business has already grown as a direct result of Going for Growth.

Jackie Dolan Treat Cafe

I would like to recommend this programme as a fantastic professional programme well run , it forced me to re look at my business and make important decisions to grow my business. So I am absolutely thrilled so have been chosen to go on this programme.

Liz O'Connor The Hair Bar

I found the support from the other participants very helpful. The different experience that participants have means a good all rounded support network. A group for life!

Marissa Carter Cocoa Brown Tan

Going for Growth helped me grow my business by 366% year on year and employ two new full time staff members. I was driven by the competitiveness in our group but also the will of seven other women to see me succeed. I was inspired by how successful the other entrepreneurs were and even though our businesses were in completely different industries, I learned so much from them. I feel very lucky that I had the Lead and group members I did - they were the best!

Patricia Hill Stateside American Restuarant

Going for Growth brings together a community of women entrepreneurs who might easily feel alone in business. Sharing knowledge and experiences with other like minded women really brings confidence to you and your business, giving ideas and courage to move forward. The network of women will always be there for you even after the 6 meeting programme. A fantastic experience which I will never forget. Friendships made here will last forever. Thanks for the opportunity of being a part of the Going for Growth programme.

Patricia Lyons Tara Book Company

Being part of the Going for Growth has been of enormous benefit to me personally in moving forward to grow my business, Tara Book Company. Through the guidance and direction of a mentor we were taken through a series of steps that covered all aspects of business. This highlighted areas that I was weak in and also helped me recognise my strengths. I learned about KPI's, Swot and Value Proposition, wonderful aids to improving business that I was unaware of. As a team we shared information and experiences, in particular the value and use of social media. I am delighted to have participated and happy to be a member of the Going for Growth community.

Rita Langan Bee.. green

If as a business woman you would like to submerge yourself in like minded people, either starters, mid way or very successful, this is the group to do it in. Totally fabulous experience.

Wendy Slattery Party Mad

Going for Growth has not only helped my business grow it has helped me grow as a business woman. It has encouraged and inspired me to move my business to the next step and beyond and also provided some of the tools to help me to do so. If you are a woman in business and need support and advice on how to move your business on, Going for Growth is an opportunity not to be missed. I have also had the privilege to meet and work with a group of amazing business women that I know I can call on for advise and support at any time.

Yvonne Brady EVB Sport Shorts

Now having completed my Going for Growth cycle, I understand why so many successful business women before me insisted I apply for the programme. The focus on ‘Thinking Big’ was apparent from day one. I doubled my turnover and created one new full tme job as a result of the sessions. Listening to real life experiences from our leader motivated us and gave us hope that we too could succeed. No matter what type of business was around the table we were all facing similar challenges. To be able to discuss these issues in an open and frank way was extremely helpful. I am very fortunate to have received a place on the programme and I know I have met some amazing women who I will continue to seek guidance and advice from for many years to come. If you wish to grow your business ‘Going for Growth’ is an absolute must.

Susan Spence SoftCo & Going for Growth Lead Entrepreneur

I am happy to give my time to this worthwhile initiative on a voluntary basis and only wish that this type of support was available to me over the years as I was driving forward the growth of SoftCo. I have seen for myself that a collaborative peer-based approach, based on growth goals and the shared experience of what works in real life situations, gives the type of support that ambitious entrepreneurs need.

Mary McKenna Tour America & Going for Growth Lead Entrepreneur

The participants on Going for Growth develop excellent personal relationships and some will not make mistakes that could otherwise be made if they did not have the opportunity of Going for Growth. I would have loved to have had the opportunity of such support myself when I started out in business!

Mary Ann O'Brien Lily O'Brien's Chocolates & Going for Growth Advisor

Going for Growth provides an excellent platform for female entrepreneurs focused on growing their businesses to meet and develop good relationships with other businesswomen. The programme’s peer-led approach offers a unique learning environment, which is based on shared experiences. Challenges faced by participants are often the same and the roundtable sessions give them the opportunity to discuss how to deal with issues that arise in the day-to-day running of a business.

Colette Twomey Clonakilty Black Pudding Company & Going for Growth Lead Entrepreneur

The round table sessions allow the participants to share their experiences. Everyone was interested in hearing each other’s’ stories and all felt they could share their issues in confidence. We bonded as a group and they supported each other. The programme proved to be a great motivation to the women growing their businesses.

Leonora O'Brien Pharmapod

Going for Growth provides a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow female entrepreneurs; to discuss challenges, shareexperiences and discover solutions. The goal-focused support from the Lead Entrepreneur was truly encouraging andenergising. The sessions provided a safe, trusted environment and a sense of shared endeavour.

Karen Kerrigan Kerrigan's Mushrooms

A terrific experience. I'm delighed that I can say I am a member of the Going for Growth Community.

Hannah Wrixon Last Minute Minders

Being part of Going for Growth has been an amazing experience. My business has developed in every way and I have grown in confidence as a business owner. I have met the most amazing women and have been challenged, supported, listened to and encouraged. I would encourage every woman entrepreneur to experience this phenomenal programme.

Siobhan Parkinson Little Island Books

Great support, excellent atmosphere. Go for it!

Vicky McDwyer Esker Lodge Nursing Home

Going for Growth has had a really positive impact on our business. Everyone involved is passionate about what they are doing and determined to continually improve and expand their businesses. The peer network is very collaborative and encourages you to move in directions you might not have considered otherwise. Because you have monthly meetings, you commit to actions that you must deliver by the next session. And you want to demonstrate that you are moving forward and delivering results. Louise Phelan of PayPal has given very generously of her time as do the other voluntary Lead Entrepreneurs. Louise is extremely supportive and encouraging but she still kept the group focused so that we always got through the agenda. The Leads insights and experience is a huge inspiration and benefit all the participants. I would strongly encourage women who are passionate and ambitious about their businesses to apply.

Annette Smith Tennis4kids

Going for Growth does what it says - it has helped me grow my business significantly. Every young business wishing to succeed should attend the round tables. It is a great forum for growth and networking with like minded people. I have enjoyed the experience hugely.

Gillian McGarry Inspire Promotional Products

I absolutely loved my experience on Going for Growth and would recommend it to others without any hesitation. Our team of ladies under the fabulous leadership of Aine Denn have got on brilliantly together and have shared experiences, advice and laughs together. The programme is a great way for business owners to meet other like minded women, to be accepted as part of a group and hear others experiences that can help you in your own business. It's all about Going for Growth and that is what we signed up for - Onwards and upwards!

Anne Behan Áine Knitwear

Going for Growth focuses you to look at all aspects of your business, and helps you to uncover and improve or uncover and delete processes to encourage your business to grow. it is clear, helpful and informative.

Grainne Walsh Metalman Brewing Co.

Going for Growth was one of the most fascinating and interesting business programmes I have ever been involved in. It's not easy to take a day out of your business once a month for six months, and I probably had some concerns starting off (which were based on prior experiences), that the reward for that "lost day" would not always be sufficient to really justify it. However, looking back at the programme now, I would never consider any of the sessions to constitute a "lost day" - the circle of peers I was lucky enough to be involved with, helped me to look into my business from the outside and see opportunities for change that I might not otherwise have seen. I would recommend this programme to any business women looking to bring innovation and growth into their business.

Emma Kelly Elevate PR

I really enjoyed the Going for Growth experience and have met a wonderful community of supportive female entrepreneurs.

Eileen Forrestal Get Up and Go Publications

Going for Growth is a fantastic programme and I encourage women in business everywhere to participate. I have no doubt that empowering women in business and encouraging their going for growth, has contributed significantly to the economic recovery in Ireland and it will continue to be an important driving force in maintaining and expanding on this recovery. For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to be in the company of such a generous and supportive group of pleasant and determined women - all willing to share the ups and downs of being an entrepreneurial business woman in Ireland today, and to offer advice and guidance to those of us who are significantly less experienced.

Ingrid DeDoncker E-Quiddity Ltd.

When I started the 8th cycle of Going for Growth, I felt my business was in turmoil. I had to make some serious decisions to restructure and to grow and did not know how to go about it. Going for Growth brought my attention back to the business basics which strengthen my business for the future and enabled me to start leading instead of managing.

Ollwyn Moran Cognikids

Going for Growth is a great opportunity to have a focus on your company away from your office with like minded people. The insight you gain from the experience of others is remarkable. The support you achieve is phenomenal and most definitely welcome at times of tough decision making and at times of self doubt! You always walk away from a group session feeling that you can conquer the world!

Caroline Browne HRP Group

Going for Growth has been an extremely positive experience. The sessions were highly professional, relevant and contributed significantly to my personal growth and will continue to pay dividends to my business into the future. The programme is expertly and professionally organised by the Going for Growth team, along with the invaluable advice and support provided by my assigned Lead and my group, which I believe contributes hugely to its overall success. I have no hesitation recommending Going for Growth to any entrepreneur who wishes to set themselves and their business on the path to growth and indeed business success.

Roisin Lafferty Kingston Lafferty Design

Going for Growth has been extremely beneficial for me. It enabled me to learn from other female entrepreneurs and how best to progress, plan and deal with challenges within my business. It was extremely well organised and a real pleasure to be part of. My Lead was an inspiration, instilling confidence to the team and myself. It was great to be surrounded by such positivity and support from my talented team. The whole process has pushed me to move by business forward, dream big and given me the tools to get the most out of it with clearly defined goals and objectives to work towards. I would encourage every entrepreneur to do it.

Ashling Kilduff Design Centre

Having run a business for over twelve years independently, the Going for Growth programme gave me a whole new insight into the exact tools and strategies required for driving the business forward. The support received from my Lead and my group throughout the programme was inspirational, I have really grown in confidence as a business woman thanks to this incredible programme.

Niamh O'Rourke Chalk

Going for Growth was a very positive experience. It built my confidence, gave me a broader understanding of business and taught/reminded me how important it is to focus on business development on a regular basis. It was also a very enjoyable and inspiring experience.

Ciara O'Halloran Redbank Food Co.

Going for Growth gave me a platform to learn from and contribute to a network of like minded, ambitious female entrepreneurs. The monthly sessions and topic based workshops gave me core skills in driving and growing my business. The support from both my Lead Entrepreneur, fellow participants, as well as the Going for Growth team, was immense and instrumental in the development and growth of my business.

Sinead Duffy Yogandha

Going for Growth is an excellent focuser for your mind, boost for energy levels and salve for your spirit. Every issue that seems insurmountable someone in your group has already faced and is eager to share, which enables you to cut straight through it, saving time, energy, money and stress. If you are wondering if Going for Growth is right for you, if you are serious about your business and ready to focus on what will drive it forward - it's right for you! Side benefits include incredible camaraderie. Expect to leave each gathering with a focused plan, more energy and a lighter spirit!

Joanne Reilly Kinvara Skincare

Participating in the 8th cycle of Going for Growth was a wonderful experience and one I value both personally and professionally. Going for Growth is an alumni for business women that is very positive, supportive and useful.

Clodagh Davis Naturally Cordial Ltd

I found the programme really useful in giving me space to think about my business strategically and test the soundness of my plans with other sucessful women.

Louise Stokes Loulerie Ltd

I found Going for Growth the most rewading experience in my 9 years since I opened Loulerie. As a busines owner there is a certain area of comfort you can find and operate and feel safe in after a few years in start up phase. Going for Growth really focused me and helped me up skill to take my business to the next level. The calibre of Leads and participants is extremely high so interaction with these amazing women can only benefit you and your business. I am extremely grateful for this amazing oppourtunity and experience.

Isolde Johnson The Cool Bean Company

Going for Growth has been an invaluable learning and development process for me. When you're running your own business it can be really difficult to find time to focus on the strategy and plans for growth instead getting caught up in the day to day running of the business. Going for Growth gives you a designated time every month to assess and improve every aspect of your business in a structured manner. You have the oppourtunity to learn from a Lead entrepreneur and from the other participant entrepreneurs and you are constantly supported and challenged to be better and achieve more.

Leah Pittam Progressive Financial Services

Going for Growth was an eye opening experience for our business. The round table sessions provided huge insights for us to put the correct, solid structure in place to scale our business effectively going forward. I cannot express how grateful I am to have participated in the process and to have met the ambitious, inspirational business women on my team.

Caroline Sugrue DCS Group

I have been in business for over 10 years and the experience and learning I gained through Going for Growth was invaluable. I looked forward to every session with a superb Lead and very enthusiastic team. The learning was very practical in nature and so could be incorporated into my business immediately with obvious measurable results. I would recommend Going for Growth for anyone in business regardless of the life cycle stage of their business.

Paula Thomas Alchemy Rewards

A superb programme that gave me the space and support I needed at a critical time in my business. I just wish it could have gone on longer.

Lorraine Ho Bootcamp Ireland

I would highly recommend the Going for Growth proramme for women in business. It gives you a very positive and regular constructive network to assist you in decisions that you may find challenging on your own. It focused me on strategy and I have become more professional than I was prior to joining the Going for Growth cycle. I would highly recommend it.

Kate Verling Mink Hand and Foot Spa

I couldn't begin to recommend Going for Growth enough. It has been the best step I have taken so far in my journey with Mink, in terms of personal development and company strategy. I have gained a lasting experience, one which I know will serve me in years to come as we grow our business. Building s strong network with such talented and hardworking women, has also been a lovely bonus to take with me.

Suzie O Neill AYU Make Up Ltd

I consider myself very lucky to have been involved with the Going for Growth programme. My group and Lead were such a great bunch of business women who gave so much support and invaluable advice during our time together. I have made new friends for life and would highly recommend anyone in business to take part in the programme. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Going for Growth in the future and what it will bring.

Nicole Carey Celtic Testing

Going for Growth allowed me to focus clearly on my business, grow my network and avail of mentoring all in a safe environment. The topics in the programme were not necessarily a priority at that time but they are essential to building a scaleable business. The mentoring allowed me to objectively look at the current processes in place and ask the question 'Are they really working for me?'. The access to the network within Going for Growth allows me to tap into other peoples experiences and skills to help me grow my own business with confidence.

Blathnaid Bergin School of Restaurant and Kitchen Management

I found the experience of Going for Growth very beneficial in bringing clarity and focus to my plan for the future development and growth of my business. It has started a process which will continue and will be supported by being part of the Going for Growth Community where like minded women entrepreneurs meet and encourage each other to grow and be brave.

Shauna Coyne SkyClad Ltd

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Going for Growth. Being surrounded by sucessful entrepreneurs was extremely motivating and the round table environment was a productive, encouraging, supportive space. Although our businesses encompassed a variety of markets, the business elements remained the same. I learned to adapt other techniques to suit my industry. Assigning time to work on the business as opposed to working in the business has given me the time to positively impact and grow our business.

Majorie O' Malley Achill Island Sea Salt

Going for Growth focuses the participants to address many key issues that affect business today. Recording goals and reflecting on how to achieve them is often neglected in the normal every day running of a business. Going for Growth is time out from day to day affairs and the programme provides a safe environment to plan, share and review our future business journey. It provides an invauable network especially if the company is geographically isolated. It is not a competitive environment, rather somewhere where growth of each participant's business and personal growth is encouraged in a "can do" environment.

Sara Mitchell Poulet Bonne Femme

Going for Growth was the best thing I did in 2015, both for my business and for me personally. I learned so much from my attendance in the groups and could not recommend it more highly to any woman in who is hoping to grow their business. It changed the way i think about my role and it has resulted in a direct increase in revenue. It has given me huge confidence in my ability as a business woman and has inspired me to grow this business to the next level as well as have some fun along the way.