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Starting Strong is the most recent in the suite of complementary initiatives and is designed for ambitious female entrepreneurs who are at an early stage in the development of their business. The business will typically be in the early revenue or pre-revenue stage, but will have moved well beyond the concept stage. Starting Strong is aimed at exceptional female entrepreneurs, whose length of pre- revenue development, degree of innovation and growth potential are all significantly greater than the norm.

It was recognised that Starting Strong participants would have less resources available to them than Going for Growth participants, as many of them are at an early revenue or pre-revenue stage and would need further supports. Accordingly, as well as the funding for Going for Growth, which underpins the basic costs of running Starting Strong, additional sources of funding were sought to meet these additional needs.

We are delighted that the following corporate sponsors have become Starting Strong Supporters for 2018 - BeauchampsBootsCitiGlandore, KPMGMegazymePaypal and Softco. The support by these corporates meant that Starting Strong participants have a specially tailored programme; they will attend several relevant topic based workshop. A major celebratory event will also be held at the end of the cycle.