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Lead Entrepreneurs

The Lead Entrepreneurs are not, and cannot be, experts in every area of business but they have first hand experience of facing the challenges of growing a business. They all agree that if such support were to have been available to them when they were growing their business, they would have found it most beneficial. Each of these busy and successful woman give their time to the initiative in a completely voluntary capacity.

Maeve Dorman

Maeve Dorman was appointed PayPal’s Vice President of Merchant Operations, EMEA in 2017. Maeve has worked in PayPal for over ten years, most recently as Head of Global Operations where she led 2,800 teammates across Dublin, Dundalk, Berlin. Prior to that role, Maeve served as Senior Director of Telesales and Merchant Operations, EMEA and Australia, leading 400 talented salespeople across four sites. Today, as Vice President of Merchant Operations, Maeve is a member of the senior global leadership team for PayPal’s Business Unit. Before joining PayPal in 2006, Maeve worked in Client Logics and, previous to that, Gateway. Maeve has a special interest in corporate social responsibility and supporting women in business and entrepreneurship. www.paypal.com